What Men Should Wear to the Gym

What Men Should Wear to the Gym

It is as important to dress appropriately at the gym as anywhere else, so give some thought to what you wear and what you ought to!

Anyone who frequents the gym knows that most guys fail to dress appropriately. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen some guy on the bench press wearing jeans or cargo pants or some guy doing squats in spandex.

The gym is one of those places where people usually go specifically to try to look better. It flows from this that there is a modicum of sexual tension there so why, oh why, do men insist on dressing like disgusting slobs there? In addition, the gym is a place where dressing appropriately may not only add to your sex appeal, but could help prevent an injury as well. Unfortunately, most men believe that since they will just sweat on it anyways, there is no point to wearing something nice.

Sorry guys, this attitude is not correct for your gym clothes. The gym is just as much a social venue as work, a cocktail party, the mall, etc. This means dress appropriately and stylishly.


The most acceptable fashion choice for tops is a tee-shirt. However, I’m not talking about that thin, stained shirt you picked up in Cancun or some offensive novelty tee. Instead, look for a few particular characteristics.

Tees should be lightweight, breathable cotton of microfibre. It should fit properly. Loose fitting shirts are recipes for disasters in the gym as they can get caught in machinery and cause injury. Try the ones from Urban Armour, Champion or Nike.

You should also steer clear of basic white tees too. They pick up stains too easily and are not attractive when wet. They do not radiate heat as well as darker colours either, which makes it harder to stay cool.

If you insist on showing off your guns, opt for a sleeveless shirt. And, for God’s sake, avoid the infamous “wife beater” and the even worse, men’s spaghetti strap tank.


Spandex for men is probably the worst mistake men can make in choosing bottoms. If you do want to wear for spandex for their professed comfort, wear longer shorts over time to cover them up. Unlike females, men keep their “business” on the outside and it is never appropriate to display them in public, unless you are competing in the Tour de France.

Simple cotton gym shorts are your best bet. They should not extend below the knees but no more than an inch, maybe two, above the knees. Wear them at or slightly below the waist.

Sweatpants are okay, but not the most fashionable. I’m not a big fan of long pants at the gym, but Nike and Adidas have acceptable options in long pants.

Shoes and Socks

With such a huge selection of versatile, stylish athletic footwear, it should not be difficult to find a pair that is function and appeals to your personal taste. I have always been a fan of New Balance and Saucony but Sketchers and Reeboks have some great pairs too.

Never wear any kind of shoe other than a training sneaker because you won’t get the appropriate type of arch support during a rigorous workout.

As for socks, stick to white, cushiony socks. Coloured and patterned socks do not mix with the gym. Also, avoid any sock that comes up past the ankle.

General Tips

Wear gloves. If you do free weight training, wearing gloves is practical, not pretentious. Calloused hands are not attractive. However, remove the gloves once you are done lifting and heading over to the cardio room.

No jewelry. Don’t wear any jewelry unless you absolutely must (i.e. a wedding band, in the case of a jealous spouse). If you must wear a watch, wear a sports watch.

Use towels. If your gym provides them, use them. If not, bring one.

Bring extra clothes. This is option for heavy sweaters. But if you do intense cardio before weights, it will be more pleasant to change into dry clothes before you start and for those sharing the equipment with you.

Co-ordinate. This is not really that necessary but come on! You wouldn’t wear orange shorts and a maroon top on a date so why would you at the gym? A little thought in coordinating your colours will help make you look stylish and put together, even while drenched in your preparation.

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Tammy, posted this comment on Jan 24th, 2007

There’s nothing wrong with a guy wearing spandex in the gym. It’s athletic and some guys look really hot!

chente, posted this comment on Mar 19th, 2008

i do not go with what this says i wear spandex all the time and it is just fine to wear them and i feel that if you do not like it then walk the other way

dou32, posted this comment on Aug 3rd, 2008

I find this article narrow minded and ridiculous. A gym is not a social venue, it’s a place to work out. If you’re looking for a social venue where you need to worry about how you look and what you should wear, go to a bar. And men should be able to wear spandex without any fear of ridicule or childish comments – there’s nothing wrong with it. If you’re as concerned about style and what other people are wearing at the gym as the author of this article is, you should buy your own gym equipment and work out at home.

Jason, posted this comment on Aug 9th, 2008

wats wrong with all these blokes that want to wear spandex???? come on! a decent pair of shorts is more than enough. Im thinking bout joining the gym soon and not alot of this article helped, i’ll play it by ear and not give a monkeys backside wat any of you think.

brielle, posted this comment on Aug 28th, 2008

Spandex is reserved only for men with seriously great builds. Nobody wants to look at an overweight sweaty dude in spandex lifting weights when you’re on the treadmill – Sorry guys. Its visual pollution.

fitafit, posted this comment on Oct 7th, 2008

There is nothing wrong with wearing long pants either if you are 40+, older men look ridiculous in knee length shorts, which are best kept with th e boys.

fitafit, posted this comment on Oct 7th, 2008

yes what you would be appropiate to wera depends largely on your physique.

gcase, posted this comment on Oct 15th, 2008

this guy needs to spend less time looking at what other guys are wearing

Katie Jones, posted this comment on Oct 27th, 2008

I think it’s HOT when a guy wears spandex. I like those tight spandex shorts on guys. The shorter the shorts on a guy, the better is what me and my girlfriends always say. Show us some legs and butts guys! Guys should wear spandex / lycra shorts more often instead of those stupid long baggy shorts that are out of style. ~ Katie J.

Jenna, posted this comment on Oct 27th, 2008

I agree! Those days of long shorts on a guy are long gone. Hello guys!!!! There is nothing hotter than a guy in short shorts, but spandex is way better on a guy since you’re able to see the shape of his butt!

Elizabeth1988, posted this comment on Oct 27th, 2008

The other day I saw a guy at the gym doing squats in short spandex shorts and everytime he would squat you could see his g-string through his spandex shorts. It was so hot!!! I could not keep my eyes of him! Very sexy!

Tammy, posted this comment on Oct 27th, 2008

There you have it guys. Stop wearing those ugly baggy shorts. Like I said, it’s athletic and some guys look really hot in short spandex shorts.

sarah, posted this comment on Oct 28th, 2008

Guys, please don’t wear the long spandex, wear the shorter spandex ones if you’re going to wear them. The long ones are o.k., but the shorter ones are absolutely attractive. My boyfriend buys womens spandex shorts (same thing as guys spandex shorts just shorter) because the ones they make for men are too long at the legs. He looks cute in them and it shows off his butt a lot more.

lynn18, posted this comment on Oct 28th, 2008

my boyfriend does the same thing. he gets his shorts in the womens for the same reason, nike, adidas, new balance, etc. i read in paper about companies that are begining to make shorts shorter (way above the knee) because the styles have changed and loose long shorts are no longer in style. bout time they do that.

Nadya21, posted this comment on Oct 29th, 2008

Guys, please don’t stop wearing spandex, the other day I saw a guy at the Latin dancing class at gym dancing Salsa and merengue, he was wearing spandex and OMG, not to mention he was the only guy in the class, It was so hot, after the class was over, everyone was talking about how hot he looked.

Lisa R.19, posted this comment on Oct 30th, 2008

I think it’s hot when guys wear spandex. It really shows off there butts. Me and my girlfriend saw a guy jogging at the park the other day with his girlfriend and he was wearing tight little spandex shorts and you could see his little g string through the material… really hot! He had a cute butt too! Me and my friend kept jogging behind him so we could keep looking at his butt. We kept saying that we should just run by and grab his butt.

Samantha 18, posted this comment on Nov 11th, 2008

I noticed a lot of guys are wearing spandex shorts more and more now…and short ones…very very hot! I like it! I work at a gas station at night and a cute guy came in the other day in spandex shorts and oh my!!! He had such a nice bulge when he leaned up on the counter. He caught me looking down when he was paying though. Oh well.. I caught him looking at my cleavage too – so even trade off. Very nice body and butt though, and he had on a thong also, I could see it through his shorts when he left. I really like that guys are starting to show off their shape. Before, us women would hardly get to see any type of shape other than in the bedroom, and I really like that they’re wearing more revealing smaller underwear also. Very hot and sexy!

Errod, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2008

Girls, can you tell me what is wrong with a “wife beater” (I call it a tank top, but anyway…)?
I think it is comftable to “work” in, and therefor likes it…

And secondly; are you serious about your comments with men wearing g-strings are sexy??
I would not have thought so…

Jennifer, posted this comment on Nov 18th, 2008

i think wife beaters-tank tops are cute on guys especially if they have nice arms. but in general, yeah tank tops are cute on a guy. as for guys wearing g-strings-thongs, yeah, i think that is cute. a lot of guys are wearing them now. my boyfriend wears thongs a lot more now and sometimes boy shorts and he looks hot in both. i do like thongs better on guys though… from reading some of the other girls comments on this page i agree with them, spandex and thongs look hot on guys. i’ve seen guys jogging in spandex wearing a thong before and i guess you could say it has the same effect on girls that it has on men when you guys see girls in tite shorts and a thong. as for the baggey shorts, for sure, they are old and out of style especially the long ones…yuk! so yes, i like when i see guys in spandex showing off there ass, that is hot…

Mike, posted this comment on Nov 27th, 2008

I’m glad there are many women here who like a guy in spandex .I did’nt know there were so many . If its the right guy wearin em then why not ladies!

Rob, posted this comment on Dec 4th, 2008

I am really glad to read the comments on this thread, particularly from the girls such as Tammy, Jenna, Elizabeth, Katie etc. Thats because in the last 12 months I have been going a lot to the gym with my girlfriend who is totally addicted and although I started out wearing loose long shorts I found these pretty uncomfortable in spinning and weights classes. Unsurprisingly spandex shorts are much more comfortable and give support as they are designed for the gym. To begin with I was a bit unsure to wear them but they are more comfortable simple as. The next dilemma was underwear as clearly I think it is inappropriate for a guy not to wear underwear under spandex shorts. So now i just wear a thong or g-string underneath my spandex shorts which really is not a problem to me and actually helps prevent embarrassment. Of course yes if you look you might see panties line or sometimes I have got the feeling a girl might check your behind etc but I suppose that is natural – hey guys look a girls so it works both ways! It is just a shame that so many people of both sexes are uptight about so many things and want to tell everyone else what they should and should not do. Its a fact that spandex shorts are comfortable and are designed for the gym so if you are a guy and prefer them then wear them (but always with a g-string or thong panties underneath to prevent unsightly bulges) if you prefer long loose shorts that is cool too- each to their own. The only problem is it is hard to find good mens shorts of that kind or underwear!

josh, posted this comment on Dec 6th, 2008

I’m pleasantly surprised and glad to hear that so many girls like guys wearing spandex when exercising. When I run, I only wear spandex shorts in the summer and tights in the winter. Sometimes I get looks and giggles but I don’t know what to make of it. I sometimes run with a female friend and she says that spandex looks good on me because I’m physically fit and I have a nice body and butt. It’s good to hear that more girls think spandex on a guy is hot, I did not know that.

I’ve never worn a g string or thong under my spandex. Girls, is a guy wearing a g-string or thong underneath spandex hotter than going with out anything, and why? And what does wearing a thong feel like when you’re exercising? Is it uncomfortable having a string riding up?

Newbie, posted this comment on Jan 7th, 2009

I am new to the gym you would not want to see me in spandex, i think this advice is sound for unfit beginers.

Gym Rat, posted this comment on Jan 27th, 2009

I’m in good shape and would love to wear spandex to the gym but I’d probably be the only one and would feel uncomfortable. I do wear spandex shorts jogging sometimes and they are much better than regular shorts. Thong underwear is great for workouts. They stay put much better than boxer-briefs or bikini style. I have a couple pairs of white shorts that thongs are great for as other styles show lines. Girls, would you rather see thong underwear on a guy in good shape or other types (bikini, boxer, etc)?

jake , posted this comment on Jan 30th, 2009

I always admired my butt in spandex tight and curvey a hand full and never thought women liked that. Im going to start wearing them to the gym. Girls look like guys do so im going to be bold and whear tight black spandex shorts to were they kind of get that shiny look when the light hits them, easy to see whats under. would that be ok? and what do i wear under and were would i buy under wear for those?

jake , posted this comment on Jan 30th, 2009

how would i even fit certain parts in thong panties please answer?

Joe, posted this comment on Feb 12th, 2009

Jake, they make thongs for men with more room up front. Check out n2nbodywear.com and skinzwear.com. Some of my favs.

Ladies, those who think a guy in tight shorts is attractive, I am curious to know what part of the country you live in? I have a theory that in general women who live on the West Coast are more into such things, and in general women who live on the East Coast are turned off by such things. I would like to test the theory. Pelase respond, thanks!

And lets hear from college girls too. What do you think about guys wearing tight shorts to the gym?

Rik from Southern Cali, posted this comment on Feb 13th, 2009

I happen to own spandex tights. I mostly wear with shorts but will use them with cycling rides. As for tights, I have some too. I think they are ok to wear with shorts.

mike, posted this comment on Feb 14th, 2009

How come no women have answered this blog in a while WTF ?

Dan, posted this comment on Feb 15th, 2009

I dunno where this is. But where I live(southern AZ) we men hardly see each other wearing any of the revealing clothes( except on roadside bicylists), but most guys (including myself) just wear big shorts and T-shirts, and the more “revealing” muscle shirt.Although Each to their own devices,but hey if you got it flaunt it as the old saying goes. I bet it’s one hell of a power trip for them dudes jogging in spandex with thong showing,while getting attention from the ladies. All this time I thought women didn’t like to or care to look at dudes in spandex, but I gotta hand it to whomever them mentioned dudes are
for knowing something that others have yet to learn or are barely getting the hang of.

Andy, posted this comment on Feb 19th, 2009

I wear lycras only when cycling. However I think that if someone is going to wear spandex he should have a good body.
Girls, do you like men that wax their bodies?
I wax my legs, butt, chest, underarms and back. I usually get looks at my legs when wearing shorts specially by girls at the gym.

JB, posted this comment on Mar 9th, 2009

how bout wedding ring? If a person chooses to wear it at the gym does not mean there is a jealous spouse at home. Its a symbol and it means more to some than others. Gym is also a place to meet people like the bar. So wear the ring….Ive been hit on by several guys without rings only to find out they were married. Very inconvenient and rude.

JB, posted this comment on Mar 9th, 2009

how bout wedding ring? If a person chooses to wear it at the gym does not mean there is a jealous spouse at home. Its a symbol and it means more to some than others. Gym is also a place to meet people like the bar. So wear the ring….Ive been hit on by several guys without rings only to find out they were married. Very inconvenient and rude.

Stacy1984, posted this comment on Apr 10th, 2009

Yeah,I’ve seen some guys in spandex and it is a turn on if it’s the right guy wearin them! Tights look better than short shorts on guys. Leave them to the ladies please and also the thongs.But yeah some guys can get away with wearin spandex and we should encourage it! Just like obese women should’nt wear them so the same applies to men. A good butt and strong toned legs is all it takes for me to go nuts!!

HermitFrog, posted this comment on Apr 12th, 2009

Wheneva I see a hot girl with a big butt whos thong shows above her jeans or shorts I instantly get hard-can’t help it, and then I go ask her out or just ask her if she wants to have a drink with me or if she just wants to bang. I did not know so many women enjoyed spandex/tight shorts on guys, I am pleasantly surprised and will start wearing em running/to the gym now…I definatelly have the body for it(thin wiff kinda big hips for a guy) the thong or whateva I would have to pass on, Its a bit much and i don’t see how any guy could stand that(uncomfortable).

DanB, posted this comment on May 3rd, 2009

Nice to find some like minded folks here…I wear very short spandex shorts to the gym w/thong underwear, and although I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy in my gym who dresses that way, I am comfortable with it. The exhibitionist in me enjoys lighter colors so that my thong is fairly visible. Any other guys out there with some favorite brands of shorts? My faves these days are from skinzwear, heswimwear, and spandexman.

F, posted this comment on May 5th, 2009

Tights are only for skinny people, be it man or women.
The same goes for “Skinny-jeans” as the name indicates.

Tim, posted this comment on May 13th, 2009

I am a runner, and I prefer wearing the shorter nylon running shorts to the gym to weight train and run on the trail afterwards. I don’t go to the gym for “social” reasons, but to work out (wearing earplugs hooked on to my IPOD tends to discourage people from talking to me), and couldn’t care less what I or anybody else wears.

Lee, posted this comment on May 21st, 2009

Hi i’m a guy from the uk and have noticed an increase in guy’s wearing the running tights over the last year or so. I reguarly where them or short lycra shorts to the gym. I also have a couple of thongs which i find are the best suited underwear for these clothes but am struggling to find anymore, high street shops seem to have stopped stocking men’s thongs. any one noticed any?

sexybutt, posted this comment on May 21st, 2009

I like to wear hot and sexy thongs when I go to the gym. It is much more comfortable than anything else one might wear to the gym.

A, posted this comment on Jun 21st, 2009

I have some new spandex shorts, there about 2 inchs below my crotch!
Unlined, so thin & show things off, should I wear a thong under them when I go running?
Oh I’ve been told I have the body to wear spandex.

George Traviss, posted this comment on Jul 17th, 2009

I am a man who goes to the gym with normal cotton gym shorts and top and decent trainers. I don’t particulalry use it as a social venue, simply a facility for fitness. Spandex is for people who ONLY want to show off their ‘bits’. It really is that simple.

Britney 1989, posted this comment on Aug 26th, 2009

I live out here in Southern California and go to a well known university which I won’t mention here, but I think it’s very HOTT when a guy wears spandex. A lot of guys on campus jog/exercise in them. My boyfriend wears spandex when we go joggin, and sometimes just because. He looks soooo cute in them. I agree with a lot of the girls here that commented about the long baggie shorts being out of style. They’re so ugly! Those days are really over. If you’re overweight, then you probably shouldn’t wear spandex shorts (no offense to anyone) and maybe the baggie ones are better, but if you have a nice ass and legs guys? Then definately wear tight shorts so us girls can see and definately short shorts!!!…thong underneath…very HOTT!!! I’ve noticed that a lot of guys are wearing thongs and spandex now. I like it!!! I think it’s really cute and sexy. Guys should show their bodies, ass, legs more. It shouldn’t be just us girls. I know my boyfriend buys his short spandex shorts in the womens area of the sporting stores also (Big 5, Sports Authority, etc), and from reading above, he’s not the only one. I don’t think you’ll find the cute shorter ones in the guys section, although I’ve noticed they are starting to make them shorter and tighter also. I just bought him and myself some really cute short short Nike women compression shorts in the womens area… the kind that are meant to be worn by themselves not underneath other shorts. Oh my gosh!!!! He looks very hott in them when we went joggin the other day… really shows off his ass. I noticed other girls kept checking him out too. As for his underwear, I know he buys his thongs and other stuff from an online place called, Undergear, and I’m not sure where else he gets his stuff, but I have gone onlinewith him on Undergear and OH MY GOSH!!! Talk about hott guys in tight short shorts. Girls, if you have time, check out the short shorts on these guys in the activewear section… Oh my gosh!!!!! Anyway that’s my take on this article…

Mike, posted this comment on Aug 28th, 2009

Are you seriuos about short shorts on guys? Maybe regular 5 to 7 inch inseam shorts would be more normal. I would think girls would be laughing at a guy wearing really short spandex. I agree with wearing spandex runner leggings and regular length spandex but not short shorts especially with a thong. Maybe for bedroom foreplay it is fine but not for working out.Under Armour makes some hot black boxer breifs which will really turn a girl on!! All in all i do agree that some women out there really like when a guy has a nice ass,legs,and bulge but are just too scared to admit it! But there are some out there who will admit it and are mature enough ! Case closed

Ferl, posted this comment on Aug 29th, 2009

Hi, I’m a 27 year young guy, in great shape as I work out.
One of our big sporting stores recently had a half price sale one weekend. So I went in and got some skins compresion tights and a top. I have never bought any before.
And I must say my arse looks good, but those tights really show it off. They are really comfortable. And I would buy them again, when needed. Do you girls like those too?

TONY MARTIN, posted this comment on Aug 29th, 2009


gymrat, posted this comment on Sep 3rd, 2009

Are you girls who like spandex on guys *really* girls?

Mark, posted this comment on Sep 9th, 2009

Guys,dont get fooled by reading these comments! The comments which say that spandex are really hot on men are written by men disguising them as women. My girlfriend said that she and many of her friends like a man to be decent & spandex is too revealing for men. Keep all the spandex stuff to your bedroom sex fantasies lol

Alex, posted this comment on Sep 11th, 2009

This sounds like one of those clubs… Not a real gym!
I go to work out. In and out. Not to hang out by the weights or training circuits.

mike, posted this comment on Oct 7th, 2009

I get to hot if I wear long pants when working out so I wear shorts like others mentioned. There are those quick dri material. they are not long shorts…kind of like regular swimsuit/soccer shorts. There not really loose like board shorts(but there not like bike shorts either) in other words so there is bulge sometimes and I have noticed girls noticing when I am in the gym. Girls do you notice this/like to look or just do without thinking…what are your thoughts when you see this. Do you like it or just notice the bulge and move on.

tony martin, posted this comment on Oct 15th, 2009

spandex is made for the gym in my thinking so i am still wearing spandex to the gym or roller skateing like it or not i am wearing the tight spandex and showing it off

Kim, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2009

I used to think that was innapropiate, but I recently saw a guy at a zumba class and he was wearing really tight spandex but it was the way he danced that caught all of our attention, I must admit I could not keep my eyes off him, it looked as the spandex was spray painted on his body, really round butt and toned legs, WOW!

tony, posted this comment on Nov 14th, 2009


zxczxc, posted this comment on Dec 21st, 2009

don’t wear spandex unless your spider-man, or a superhero… I agree, this post is narrow minded and ridiculous

abcd, posted this comment on Dec 25th, 2009

same for jogging? -please reply


Raymond, posted this comment on Jan 6th, 2010

Sounds like some guys are insecure with their sexuality. I’ve worn spandex in the past, however it’s not my first choice and I think it’s ok if a guy wears them. Some girls like spandex on guys, and to some girls it doesn’t matter. I’ve never heard a girl say that she hates them on a guy. I think women just don’t share that with guys and times and styles are changing such as girls like tight pants on guys, etc., so of course they’re going to like spandex on guys…hello. Some guys need to get out of the 90’s…

Raymond, posted this comment on Jan 6th, 2010

My girlfriend likes spandex on guys, and so did my exgirlfriend, so it’s just a personal choice of the girl, but to say that girls “like a man to be decent & spandex is too revealing for men” is putting every girl in the catagory of not liking spandex and that simply put is not true.

Jose Perez, posted this comment on Jan 9th, 2010

I’d rather be comfortable and enjoy looking at myself when I have the body to show it off, anybody would love to wear spandex, nothing is dirty of itself except when its looked upon as dirty, thats your dirty heart. Be pure as you show the love you have to see and express yourself. how hard will you work for it?

Zach, posted this comment on Jan 9th, 2010

I’m another guy who wears short nylon running shorts at the gym. I go there to run on the treadmill or inside track. They are loose so I’m not showing my “business”, and running is the only thing I do there. My legs look fine and no one has ever made a comment. I like the feeling of these shorts and they motivate me to go running, so it would make no sense to turn back.

Ron, posted this comment on Jan 29th, 2010

ok i think this is the stupidest thing ever. Why is it because the male genitals are located on the outside of the body it is tabu for them to show at all? I think that the posters of these types of posts are ignorant.

Lets look at what a female can wear….

spandex, short skirts, revealing tops showing almost all their “assets”, spandex, thongs (at beaches), tights, the list goes on…..

now lets look at what men are “supposed” to wear according to the general masses….

jeans (But not to tight)
knee length baggy shorts
shirts have to be baggy as well (god forbid we show our nice pecs and abs).

why is it that men who work hard to look good are “required” to cover the results up according to the masses? I am 34 and have a nice body and enjoy showing it as it makes me feel good. I enjoy wearing bikinis, spandex, short running shorts, tight pants when i am in the mood. So i have to ask the poster of this post who are you to say what we as men can and cannot wear. What you want to see is not for the masses to adapt to and one should wear what makes that peson feel good about themselves. there are times and places to “not wear” certain things or types of clothes but that is mostly common sense.

Now i also want to be clear i am a happily married man of 10 years now so those who pull the “he must be gay to dress that way card” are ignorant as well. the human body is a beautiful thing and we should not be required to cover it up cause we are men. and i have always wanted to know why posters of these types of topics are looking at the mens genitals it they are so “gross” to see anyway.

Simple as this females and males alike should wear what makes them look and/or feel good! If you don’t like it stop looking and get over it!

Sara G., posted this comment on Feb 1st, 2010

It’s the fat beer belly guys that are writing the comments that men should not wear spandex since they don’t have a nice body to show. The ones that have nice bodies have no complaints about spandex shorts, tights, short tight shorts, thongs, whatever it is. It’s called being envious of others… or, “misery loves company”. I love it when my BF wears spandex, but then again, he has a nice body.

Ron, posted this comment on Feb 8th, 2010

i agree that they shouldn’t but have you noticed the girls running all over the place in low rise jeans with their flab hanging over and a shirt that barely covers it that is not gender specific it is an issue with both genders imo but generally i agree with you.

Tony, posted this comment on Feb 10th, 2010

I wear spandex to the cycling class at the gym, and I get lots of compliments from the ladies since Im a dancer and keep in shape, I usually get there early and theres this group of ladies that always position themselves right behind me even if theres a ton of bikes available, I’ve never seen them before in the cycling class, only for the last 3 sessions and I think they enjoy the show I put for them, the front wall is a huge mirror and since I sit towards the front I can see them in the mirror just whispering to each other and giggling, especially when I have to stand up to pedal faster, I kinda tuck my whole package in between my legs so that everything is in full view for them to enjoy since they have front row seats, I can see their faces in amusement, I caught them taking some pics but they’re pretending they were texting, I love it its a WIN WIN situation,

Joseph, posted this comment on Feb 15th, 2010

I am a guy and I wear whatever is comfortable when running and swimming. And let me tell you, long shorts are not comfortable – for running – and board shorts are not comfortable for swimming.

For running I either wear girls shorts (the really cute Nike tempo shorts) when it is warm or under armour spandex shorts for guys (white or black). In the winter I wear long tights from N2N. All of these are very comfortable to run in and look good on me. My gf loves for me to wear just spandex, especially the tights – which are very hugging. Sometimes I wear underwear under them, but always thongs. You can sometimes see my thong line, but it doesn’t really bother me if someone can see. I have seen girls give me a second look, so apparently they don’t mind (even my gf has noticed me getting second glances). I have noticed that this winter there are more guys wearing tights when running than last year – and not wearing shorts over top. (and more girls wearing tights.) I think it is really sexy on both guys and girls.

For swimming, I always wear a speedo – either black or white. They make swimming more comfortable and no drag, plus they look good on me.

So, where what is comfortable and what makes you feel sexy. Some girls will like it. Some may not. But, personally, I would think that girls would finally be glad to see good looking guys showing off their cute butts and legs. I mean girls have been eye candy for guys for years. Why wouldn’t girls want to see some guy eye candy while out running, swimming, or at the gym.

At least the guy is out there trying to get healthy!

MikeJersey, posted this comment on Feb 15th, 2010

Well said Joseph! I just think it is “taboo” for a guy to show off his body in these clothes but I am sure as time goes on it will become more mainstream. Look at the return of skinny jeans for men- and girls love a guy who has a nice butt in them but they will not admit it. I wear black underarmour tights all year round and have also noticed women taking a second peek and its an awesome feeling being male eye candy. Most will pretend they don’t like and hide it but come on. I see more guys wearing tights under shorts here on the east coast which look funny but at least their wearing them but one day hopefully no shorts over tights. I wear shorts over tights only when I’m feeling fat on some days but prefer no shorts over all the time. To wrap it up if your cute,have nice legs and ass and can pull off the look then why would’nt a women look and like what she sees unless she’s a lesbian. ;)

scott, posted this comment on Feb 27th, 2010

i love wearing spandex ! all guys should wear them they support an they are comfy i live in santa babara an wear them out side but not at the gym people are weird there, some times,,.. i wear nothing under my spandex but wearing a thong sounds fine to me an guys that are wearing shorter spandex i give u props!!! spandex are great for running in ! my girl friend is fine with me wearing it even tho she does not like wearing it, i think she looks so cute in it but o well. guys wear spandex u know they are comfy an how cares what others think when its negative!!

John, posted this comment on Mar 10th, 2010

Guys I coulnt agree more. I love wearing spandex but I get a bit nervous when it comes to wearing them in public. I know some girls are repulsed by the sight but my girlfriend likes certain pairs on me. She also demands I wear a thong underneath if I do wear spandex.

Steph, posted this comment on Apr 6th, 2010

My boyfriend also wears spandex shorts to the gym with a g-string underneath. He has a good body and I think that he looks really hot in a g-string so I asked him to wear g-strings as regular underwear and not just at the gym under his shorts, which he now does.

Guys, if you’ve got a sexy body, flaunt it, wear a g-string and watch your girl drool!!

greg, posted this comment on Apr 25th, 2010

Spandex shorts are dumb, you gotta let the boys down below breath a little. Gloves are stupid, callused hands are a sign of being a man, pedicures are for women (no offense). Personally, a gym is somewhere I go to work out and then get the hell out.I try not to put much effort into thinking about what I’m going to wear, I have my work out clothes, they’re clean, and that’s it. Don’t know why you’d compare working out to a date? I workout to impress the date afterwards, not with what I’m wearing during a workout.

Joe, posted this comment on Jun 1st, 2010

I wear spandex and loose fitting shorts when I run. The girl I run with says that the looser ones are sexier. I’m a fit guy so i know it’s not because i’m fat or out of shape. Below i have my flickr pool i created with picture of me in spandex shorts and loose fitting shorts for comments regarding which looks better. So girls, please visit this site and let me know which one you think is sexier, (spandex or loose)


Stevie CA, posted this comment on Jun 4th, 2010

Stacy1984, posted this comment on Apr 10th, 2009 about men in spandex. I happen to also wear spandex in camo and also have some sports brand tights – Nike, Addidas and New Balance. Fit for gym use. Not tights persay but leggings type fit and look. I had worn nude tights to the gym and black footless to the gym with shorts. I had a group of young attractive women conference ( one asian, and two spanish). Very attractive. After the conference, the Spanish gal Celeste glanced in the mirror then at me. She asked if I was wearing stockings. I told her nude tights. She asked why. I told her to keep my legs from cramping. I also had on Nike sports tights. She said,”oh, ok”. This was in a LA Fitness in So Cal. They asked for me to workout next to them one day and in front the day of the conference among the young women. That was it. The following week, a few worn legggings to the gym and seems now women start to wear it more often to the gym. Maybe started a trend. Didnt see any women wearing leggings to the gym in 2009.Now always. No bad comments.

Jonny, posted this comment on Jun 14th, 2010

I’m a guy and I just recently started to wear just cotton/spandex blend short shorts and a slightly looser fitting tank top that, un-tucked, barely covers the bulge area and half of my butt. I only wear this when I run through the woods – most likely a nature preserve. It took me a while to feel confident in wearing just the shorts without another looser pair of shorts over them. But now that I just have I doubt I’ll go back. I love everything about it. The physical feel and hyper awareness of support, agility, tone and sexuality. I run faster and longer. I climb more hills and take on more challenges than I would have if I was wearing heavy, loose, sweaty and stretched out apparel. I want to show my body off only if I feel confident in it. And the more confident I feel in it the more I want to show it off – to anyone interested in looking.

I’m tall with very long legs that can rival some of the best of women (been told that by a woman). I like how my tank top barely covers the front bulge (in respect to people who might take offense). And I like how it barely covers half my butt and maybe provides just a bit of mystery. I would not do this if I felt out of shape, or my stomach stuck out – I think that is the key. It is very energizing and I’m on a mission to get more and more in shape because I want to look good. I want to feel sexy.

I don’t care what some homophobe might think of this post. But if your anything else I’m interested in what you think.

rpmspinman, posted this comment on Aug 22nd, 2010

Im a 33yo guy in good shape who wears spandex for spin class and long compression leggings for muscle recovery when Im not spinning. For me, its got nothing to do with fashion, but how comfortable I feel during the workout and the recovery benefits compression wear gives after the workout. The gym is there for people to do their workout and go home. Everyone looks somewhat silly all sweaty and flushed. Think I look ridiculous? I couldn’t give a flying toss what you think. I do not go around writing articles about how narrow minded people are. Just because I am comfortable wearing what I do does not mean I need to conform to YOUR beliefs. Don’t like it? Go to another gym, or don’t look. Im at the gym to improve my shape, get my fitness up and feel better about myself. I think for those with narrow minds who think spandex is a no-no, get a life and get busy concentrating on your own bodies rather than putting your 2cents worth in of nothing. Time for a reality check, the world does not revolve around bigotry.

For those guys out there who wear spandex, keep doing what you are doing and forget about the negativity.

Insight, posted this comment on Sep 29th, 2010

I think being allowed to wear spandex shouldn’t be a gender thing. It should depend on if that person is good looking or a fugly monster. Fat people should stay away from spandex and skinny jeans, etc regardless male or female.

Matty, posted this comment on Oct 8th, 2010

WOW!! I never knew women liked to see us men wearing Spandex. I run everyday all year long in either black or white Under Armour long tights. I wear them mainly because of the compression feel, moisture wicking, and I cannot go back to wearing cotton sweat pants that absorb my sweat. Plus I love the way they fit and look. I wake up every morning so that I can have a nice hard slim body and should be able to show it off. I wear a jockstrap under my tights but I was wondering if I should try a Thong? Do women like men in Thongs? That seems like it would take some getting used to.

Cliche, posted this comment on Nov 5th, 2010

U hav forgotten the most important n fundamental of things!should guys wear a supporter while weight training n jogging??

george, posted this comment on Dec 12th, 2010

Nice clip for those who like men’s spandex pants. Tight and nice, inspiring for all the men out there :)


Free Willy, posted this comment on Feb 7th, 2011

I’m a guy and I’ve been wearing spandex shorts to the gym for many years, always without underwear. I can’t stand wearing any kind of underwear when working out — it’s tight and constraining. Actually, I go commando most of the time now.

I started out very carefully with the spandex shorts as I was very self-conscious and sure that everyone would notice, but in fact, almost no-one did. I got bolder and started using thinner spandex and brighter colours. I’ve never had a single negative comment or glance, but I have had quite a few admiring glances!

I recommend it for comfort, support, less laundry to do, and I’ve been chatted up several times by hot girls who seem to have problems keeping eye contact! This has led to problems on a couple of occasions, but even a full-scale erection on the treadmill went largely unnoticed!

Craig, posted this comment on Apr 13th, 2011

You guys are so gullible.
Why are so many fags posting as if they are girls…

opus, posted this comment on May 14th, 2011


Ernest tuff, posted this comment on May 17th, 2011

Adam’s article is good and sensible, anyone who wears tight revealing clothes has no shame. The gym is a place for shaping up the fitness of the body not to embarrass anyone. Any one coming to the gym which I attend would not be allowed to wear such revealing clothing as some of you have professed to do.
Is there no sense of modesty or morality in these days?

cute_guy, posted this comment on May 27th, 2011

I am a guy in my 20s and I wear spandex shorts or tights (when it is cold) when running. I love it. They look great and feel great. I usually wear white, because I think it is cuter. and yes, i always wear a thong underneath. you can sometimes tell I wear a thong, but I am OK with it. I mean, it is underwear. girls wear thongs. there is nothing wrong with a guy wearing thongs. It is so cool to know that girls think it is cute and sexy for a guy to wear thongs. I agree with the girls, guys have covered themselves up for too long with baggy clothes. Wearing spandex shorts with a cute thong underneath is pretty hot. I even got rid of my boxers and only wear thong underwear of cute little bikini undies. never had a gf who had a problem with it.

cuteguy, posted this comment on May 27th, 2011

I am a guy in my 20s and I wear spandex shorts or tights (when it is cold) when running. I love it. They look great and feel great. I usually wear white, because I think it is cuter. and yes, i always wear a thong underneath. you can sometimes tell I wear a thong, but I am OK with it. I mean, it is underwear. girls wear thongs. there is nothing wrong with a guy wearing thongs. It is so cool to know that girls think it is cute and sexy for a guy to wear thongs. I agree with the girls, guys have covered themselves up for too long with baggy clothes. Wearing spandex shorts with a cute thong underneath is pretty hot. I even got rid of my boxers and only wear thong underwear of cute little bikini undies. never had a gf who had a problem with it.

Argv, posted this comment on Jun 14th, 2011

What kind of thongs do you guys wear to exercise???

George, posted this comment on Jul 17th, 2011


Hokie, posted this comment on Sep 14th, 2011

“Co-ordinate. This is not really that necessary but come on! You wouldn’t wear orange shorts and a maroon top on a date so why would you at the gym?”

Obviously someone has never been to Blacksburg, VA!

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