Top 10 Gay Fashion Trends

Top 10 Gay Fashion Trends

Some interesting new trends that gay men can watch for this coming year!

The best dressed gay men need to read this article. There are some incredible trends for us this coming season and incorporating these into your wardrobe will up your style quotient ten fold.

•  In a nice charcoal grey or brown windowpane suit with seasonal coloured knit vests (perhaps olive green or burnt orange) paired with leather oxfords will have anyone ready for the cover of GQ this year.

•  Pulling off an all white outfit in the middle of winter, will get the attention you need and will mark you for fashion advancement! So as to avoid confusion, try a chunky turtleneck in bright white with a pair of sateen trousers.

•  Bold pinstripes in untraditional colour combinations such as navy and brown or pink and brown are the gay twist to corporate standards. Adding a dash of “bling” in a satin pocket square or lapel pin will ensure all eyes are on you!

•  Working on personal outfits by combining elements that reflect your own personality (and no one else’s) is hot this year. You are a unique gay man – let everyone know it.

•  Outdoorsy and sports wear for those casual weekend are going to be must haves for weekends away at the cottage with your man, Sunday strolls through antique markets or that long weekend in Provincetown. It’s that Men in Trees influence.

•  Watch for longer blazers that cover our assets worn with nice straight legged trousers and lightweight knits. Light shades and pastel colours such as baby blue and pale yellow over navies and browns are what we’re aiming for here.

•  And if you’ve been hitting the gym and would rather not cover up your hard work, try showing some skin. Wide, low and interesting necklines, cap sleeves and even sleeveless dress shirts are going to be seen. Blazers over leather pants, closed up by a leather belt with no shirt – now that’s hot.

•  Striped shirts remain – what the fascination? We have so many now, but this season, get some more!

•  Mix and match simplicity by everyone’s favourite design house: Prada. They will be moving their men’s line into a more cohesive grouping that will be simple, fool-proof and guaranteed style for the fashion confused.

•  It’s a great year for gay men and jeans. Good news fellas – they are getting slimmer and fitter so sizing up the goods in bars will be much easier!

There’s no guarantee that these trends are going to move you into the superstud status with the boys, but I can guarantee some more looks and probably a few more gropes!

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Matt, posted this comment on Jul 7th, 2009

I love this article. It is wonderful.

Kiss Me I'm Queer, posted this comment on Aug 12th, 2009

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